Brian david Johnson

After many years designing and building custom furniture in my native Austin, I began playing with smaller pieces based around a series of flower vases. The work struck a chord with me on many levels and in 2010 BDJ Craft Works was born. 

Since then I've continued to evolve my designs, which I have come to realize are a distillation of ideas I explored in my custom furniture.  Although aesthetically spare and minimal, the work is deeply grounded in proper technique and my personal exploration of design and creative expression. 

All my pieces are made from sustainably harvested domestic hardwoods, my favorite being black walnut and cherry. Though I use varying construction techniques, my primary mode of joinery is stack lamination of solid layers. It's all achieved with proper wood milling, glue, clamps and hours of sanding. The decorative line work is machined by hand and the resin is mixed and poured in my East Austin studio. Most decor pieces are done in a grain and resin matched series.  In December of 2016 I established Eastwood,  a line of wood and resin jewelry that is currently available at Cloud Tree as well as the on line store in limited quantity.   

Though I took a break from doing custom commissions in 2013,  I am doing so again on a limited basis for select projects. If there is something special you would like to work with me on please connect thru the contact link and we can discuss things further.  All my freshest work, including sculpture and wall art is available for purchase and viewing at  Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery , where I show my work along with collection of other great artists from Austin and elsewhere.  The space is located at 3411 e. 5th Street just up the road from the beloved Justine's restaurant and bar. I am around most days and many evenings or feel free to schedule a visit thru the contact page.